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Like diabetes itself, qualitative research with diabetes patients is hard.  It is low-incidence, time-consuming, and expensive.  Not so at dQ&A.  Our panel of 12,000 passionate and responsive T1 and T2 patients contains years of behavioral and attitudinal data.  This wealth of information allows us to recruit with unparalleled ease and precision.  dQ&A offers: 1) razor-sharp recruitment, 2) diabetes research expertise, and 3) classic and cutting-edge qualitative from Alice Morgan, Vice President of Qualitative Research.

This chart illustrates how we are able to recruit our panelists using the full range of qualitative methods.  Sample projects include:

  • In-home ethnographies with T2s who recently quit a GLP-1 to understand what went wrong.
  • Focus groups to understand how CGM changes family dynamics among parent caregivers and their kids.
  • Usabiity testing of a glucometer to assess data display and determine how well patients understand the data on their meter.
  • Bulletin board groups to uncover resonant messages and the benefits hierarchy for a new therapy designed to treat hypoglycemia.
  • Mobile diaries to understand the experience of T1 patients who recently began using a new diabetes device.

Why Our Clients Find dQ&A Qualitative Insights Valuable:

  • We are the only full service market research firm specializing in diabetes. Qualitative insights feed seamlessly into our quantitative research studies, and visa-versa.

  • Having conducted diabetes research since 2009, we know what we are doing.  Our understanding of patients, physicians and educators in the diabetes space is unparalleled.

  • Our clients are increasingly finding that the time has come to take a page out of the CPG playbook and apply innovative qualitative techniques to uncover unmet patient needs.

About Alice Morgan

Alice Morgan is Vice President Qualitative at dQ&A.  She conducts qualitative research anywhere and everywhere, including in-home, on-site, in-facility, and online.  She regularly moderates ethnographies, focus groups, depth interviews, and online communities.  Alice is a big fan of mobile, especially mixed-method studies in which participants use their smartphones to document the way they live now.  Alice's moderating style is energetic, engaging, and warm, allowing respondents to feel at ease and have fun.   A strong writer and speaker with a lively style, Alice has published and presented on qualitative research and is a recognized thought leader in the field.  Alice has worked for a boutique qualitative research firm, as an independent moderator, and for a full-service market research company.  Alice has an MBA from Indiana University, a BA from Bryn Mawr College, and has completed RIVA and CPSI training.  She came to dQ&A after her son was diagnosed with diabetes, and welcomes the opportunity to discover unmet patient needs.  Alice lives in Michigan, where she and her husband own Satchel's, Ann Arbor's local BBQ joint.

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