dQ&A is very proud of the many clients it has been able to help through its market research services. Ultimately we believe that by helping our clients, we are helping people with diabetes, and in particular the members of our panels.

Our clients are smart and savvy, and have used a better understanding of patients and healthcare providers to improve their diabetes business results.

They range from some of the largest global multi-nationals to brand new startups, and they are the leaders and innovators in their respective product categories.

Our clients work in many domains, ranging from insulin to glucagon, from CGM to the artificial pancreas, from pumps to pens, from SMBG to GLP-1, from new treatments for complications to oral drugs for type 2.

And the work we’ve done has included quantitative and qualitative work, and has run the gamut from attitudes, behavior, segmentation, new product concept testing, pricing, conjoint analysis, switching behavior, and market potential to competitive intelligence – working for marketing, R&D, and executives, as well as supporting acquisition and investment decisions.


What Our Customers Say...

”dQ&A has large numbers of diabetes, T2D and insulin patients at their disposal as well as other customers and understands diabetes as well, if not better, than we do.”
“dQ&A is our first stop for quantitative, patient market research especially if time constrained).”
“dQ&A really provides the insights that drive our business. The results bring us closer to our patients and customers and better enable us to meet their needs, as well as be successful as a business. Our team is always looking for the next data point, and truly enjoy the debrief meetings as an opportunity to learn more.”
“dQ&A provides the holistic view of the patient - covering all aspects of their diabetes, from therapy use and effectiveness to the emotional and social impacts they describe.”
“dQ&A’s research is the most robust and insightful review of the diabetes market available.”
“dQ&A is a great research resource that truly understands the diabetes marketplace and keeps a constant pulse on the ever changing market.”
“dQ&A provides that independent voice to the diabetes discussion and goes out of their way to capture key market segments like Type 1’s, insulin users and pumpers.”
“Great people, great experience and expertise; very helpful with sound solutions… I really can’t recommend any way to improve...”
“dQ&A is always ahead of the curve with comprehensive, meaningful data. Their insights have helped fill knowledge gaps and provided objective quantification. A valued resource that I would recommend to others.”