dQ&A is a patient-centric diabetes market research company, that provides answers to diabetes business questions.

Our many clients include Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies, and many leaders and innovators in their respective product categories.

Founded in 2009 by market research professionals, patients, and diabetes experts, dQ&A is exclusively focused on diabetes and obesity. This focus makes us a lot better at what we do.

dQ&A has also built large, trustworthy panels of people with diabetes, educators, and physicians. These panels provide startling quantity and quality of data, and make it possible to precisely target particular segments of the diabetes population, while still finding enough sample for quantitative research.


In 2009, Richard Wood, an experienced market research executive at Nielsen, starting talking with Kelly Close, a person with diabetes, an advocate, and leading authority on the diabetes industry, about starting a new company with a new vision. The idea was to harness patient voices to help improve diabetes products and services, using rigorous market research methodologies and state-of-the-art panel management. Richard and Kelly both believed in ‘patient power’ but also knew from experience that executing high quality diabetes market research is not a trivial undertaking. They wanted to make a commitment to clients to do great work and obtain rapid, reliable results.

The new company, dQ&A (short for “diabetes questions and answers”) was an instant hit with patients, who enthusiastically completed quarterly surveys and expressed strong opinions. dQ&A analyzed and packaged their insights, and built a broad customer base for both syndicated and custom research. Today, dQ&A serves a broad range of clients with our portfolio of products, but the focus is always on delivering the authentic voice of the patient (and providers). We are extremely grateful to our clients, and all the wonderful people who have contributed to our surveys and to our work.


dQ&A prides itself on delivering great quality answers in a timely fashion. There are many built-in reasons why we make this possible. First, by using our own large proprietary panel with great response rates, we don’t have to spend time finding sample and screening, and then weeding out untrustworthy responses later. With many years of quarterly longitudinal data, we have had ample time to assess the reliability of individual respondents and to profile them. Also, we have a large store of answers we can turn to immediately, without even creating a new survey.

Because dQ&A is focused exclusively on diabetes and obesity and doesn’t work in any other therapeutic areas, we can immediately put ourselves in the shoes of the patient or physician. We have no learning curve, we already have a database of tested questions and we have amassed all those little learnings that make a huge difference in producing a reliable survey. (For example, did you know that many people with type 2 diabetes identify as having type 1? Or that many SMBG users will tell you that they are on CGM, even when they are not? There are numerous ‘gotchas’ like this in diabetes market research.)


Here at dQ&A we think of ourselves as patient-centric – meaning that everything we do is in service of better health and quality of life for patients, and that we pride ourselves on accurately reflecting the patient voice.

We also believe that diabetes market research is different, difficult and dangerous! That's because it has its own set of very specific issues that make it different to other therapeutic areas, it is easy to do badly, to introduce bias or unreliable responses, and that without care, the results often can mislead. Overcoming these challenges, so we can improve the lives of people with diabetes, is our calling.